I’m not Good, I am the Best

You may think of me as a wired type of guy and well it’s not all false some of it is actually true like fifty fifty.

I’m kind of good but not good in a way most people know it, I’m not half good or half bad, I’m just like this, well, it’s really hard to say actually.

I prefer remaining silent sometimes because if I speak my mind or my soul I will be kind of disturbed actually.

To be the best or to be number one you have to make some sacrifices, and I’m not talking about pain here, it’s half pain half pleasure, well actually it’s like this.

To be number one you must do some kind of things that make you lose all track of time, let me explain this, when we were younger we thought that everything that is given to us we take for granted, and well we actually take for granted almost everything.

Kids these days actually take a lot of stuff for granted, they don’t want to work for it or make sacrifices for it all they want is 100% completion from the start, well, 100% completion from the start is actually impossible for some and for others it’s a lot of hard work, I don’t really know what the problem is, but I can assure you that you will be just fine in the end.

It’s up to you my friend to be number one if you want to.

You can be everything you want in this life, and I support you dreams always, peace and take care all.