World of Artcraft


I just decided to make a post about world of warcraft and how should it be in the near future, world of warcraft is a game about art it’s about artcraft these people are artists not just doing their jobs they actually play the game to invent something new, the game is not dead yet so don’t worry about it they still fight against the system, we love world of warcraft that’s why I call it World of Artcraft because it’s kind of full of art, yo, liste, I love Blizzard Entertainment but until they get paid they ain’t gon’ do shizz.

Blizzard needs our money so let’s give it to them, they need artists and artwork more than anything else so let’s help a poor lad in need shall we?

I have bought all blizzard games except for the activision ones. I have all blizzard entertainment games at me.

I’m a blizzard fanboy so say what you like I’m still playing the game.