I got disease

Hi all, I’m Asethabalanar and I am bipolar, I went sick after my girlfriend cheated on me with another man, I had a panic attack and I was afraid.

I was 18 years old now I’m 28, 10 years ago this happened. I started hearing voices and talking to myself. Since then I’ve never been the same ever again, we on the same planet but we not the same, people might judge me for being like this but I can’t help it.

My disease came from women cheating on me and acting wired with me, because of women I am ill now, people chase me all the time they want to be with me because I am cool, my disease came up after a break up so it hurts sometimes, I never get better than this. I have to take medication for bipolar, I have been taking pills for 8 years now and I’m going off.

Medication for me is necessary because I will lose my mind if I don’t take it, by the way I am addicted to pills now after all these years.

When I take medication it feel like I’m flying and I’m retired now, 28 years retired it’s kind of bad but I can’t go to work because of my mental condition and panic attacks.

Hope this helps somebody out, you are not alone.