You need to lie to be patient

From my experience being honest is a touchy subject, we may not be always honest but our good intentions says it all I think, you don’t have to tell the truth every single time, an innocent lie is better than a brutal truth in my opinion.

You don’t have to make up with a big fat lie you can just lie for like tell your dad you need 20$ to buy clothes and instead of clothes you buy bitcoin or ethereum or any other thing I don’t know maybe play slots at the casino I have no idea why.

You don’t have to tell the truth every single time, as much as you try there will always be some thing that you are not comfortable talking about so it’s ok to lie but not big time lie I mean like I lied to a ex work colleague of mine like I have 3 PC’s in my home and always mining bitcoin with them like no way man you know I lied that time.

Truth is good but when you feel the need to hesitate like man I don’t feel like telling this guy how the world works. My experience has taught me that it’s ok to lie as long as you don’t hide the truth or not try to manipulate someone into believing you.

Big lies are bad but small ones are forgivable so think twice before you lie and think again before you tell the truth.