In between Life and Death

I had a near death experience once, where I kind of almost died but not quite, I had a garlic stuck in my throat while I was trying to swallow whole garlics with tap water, it was a very scary situation back then when I remember that time I almost died and it could have been a very stupid death to be honest.

Since that time that I almost died I never tried to swallow whole garlics again not with water and not with anything anymore, it was really scary being so close to fainting and probably dying of suffocation.

I am just glad I survived that shit, it’s awful being like this, after I almost died a year later I was diagnosed with psychotic episode which degenerated into bipolar.

Now I am taking medication for bipolar disease and I don’t know how much I am going to take it, remembering my youth while I was still sane and healthy I remember a lot of shit doing and manipulating women to have sex with me.

I was sentimentally manipulating and abusing them tricking them into thinking they need to have sex with me, I was also on weed.

My teenage years I spent in high school with my girlfriend Alina she was one bomb ass chick anyway, she cheated on me so I broke up with her, I hate cheaters more than I hate liars by the way.

Anyway now I am single and looking for women who want to have a relationship with me and I’m like yeaaaah let’s see what comes up next.

I’ll be very happy if you don’t take my writing or videos on youtube too seriously, I’m just a funny guys kind of wired and awkward now, It’s not a mass massacre by the way lol.