The key is to be not afraid

I want to talk a little bit about fear here, what is fear anyway, its a mistake? its a demon, its a state of mind? What is fear anybody knows?

I think fear is our image of what it should be like rather than what it is, fear is like a corner of a mind to spare, separately between worlds and dimensions, people are afraid are trapped in a dimension where you can see their fear and act upon that fear just to know them better, they know they are afraid, they know they are weak, they know they have demons to fight upon, they know this, they know that fear stops them from evolving, they know fear is the enemy and they have to act upon this, they know that.

But what do they do to stop the fear from happening? Nothing they do nothing, they sit in fear they love the fear they love the thrill the chill of fear that’s what they do, they confuse love with fear, fear is not love fear is nothing but a wall stopping you from loving people and animals and nature, fear is just another brick in the wall like pink floyd said.

Fear is real but it can be defeated, what is your fear anyway?