I cannot be touched, I am a machine, for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes, yeah I like rap yeah I like politics and yeah I like Hip Hop evolution, for me listening to hip hop and making hip hop has been a great day and a great year I don’t feel sad about it but when I’m in it I feel kind of touched by the music, You don’t feel no pain when the music hits you that why I feel like this, we going to move on to our next chapter and so on move on, let’s go.

We making new religion this day so make it count, we number one, we the one, we the tribe, fuck the tribe get the bribe , build a bridge , fuck a stinge.

Thank you all for coming out, it’s been a great year and make it count, we love you very much no matter what, cheers from Asethabalanar the Rap God Explicit, thank you all forever love in my heart to new comers , we love you all very much thank you bibi.