The Matrix is real

I have seen what the Matrix did to them, I have seen what it came up to, I have seen the end of time itself, I have seen dark times coming ahead, I had seen a refuge a house, a home, protection, guardian, guardians, protectors of the earth sun and moon, I have seen shamans, spiritual healers, doctrines, governments, hospitals, police stations, I have seen them all we are all here, we made it.

The matrix has us all in the end it just comes up to who did it first, that’s it.

Well mankind in this situation is hard to pronounce, people come and go and most of us lie to each other because we are afraid of telling the truth about the matrix, there is no truth and there is no lie about it, it’s nothing. The matrix is nothing its invisible to the naked eye, people can’t see it they can only feel it you feel like something’s wrong but you don’t see it because it is the splinter in your mind that tells you that you have to escape the matrix you don’t see it you feel it with your mind body and soul, it’s a system of making decisions after decisions after decisions it’s a road it’s a path it’s pharaoh’s way it’s us all combine in unity, the matrix is a tribe for us all.

They loved me, and they still do I’m still here, and they are still there, we should take care of one another not hurt each other, protection and safety first. Romanian leaders are not like that, we as Romanians we don’t give a shit about nothing we don’t care about nothing we don’t care at all, we eat each other everyday in the hope that If i end my friend I will win or if I betray him I will win, that’s not how it works, too many people in my country have false beliefs too many people in Romania are sleeping, too many people in Romania are poor, too many people in Romania can’t sleep at night because the government robs them and the church defends the government and lets them steal it from the people.

They became so many because they let it be, death of Christ just started it that was just the beginning not the end of christianity and look now what have we done, in this infernal country, we lost. We lost Romania, I’m sorry but we lost, rest in peace Ceausescu.