I tried rapping some songs I don’t actually know how it sounded but my friend thinks its good stuff so I try again, well I can say I’m quite polite anyway the demons in my head play kind of hard anyway I don’t know how but for my country I will do literally anything just to see us good.

Romania is the best its my country and I love it no matter what, If I must do rap to survive then I’mma do it ,if it’s for me then I’mma do it, If I fail then I’mma do it, no matter what then I’mma do it lol, its crazy stuff but it works it keeps me sane it keeps my demons away man, its hard for me to say this but I love rap and Eminem I can feel him so close I dream about him.

I can’t fall asleep because I’m dreaming of Eminem and have nightmares what the hell.

I miss the old eminem so much I want to help him.

Please God take good care of eminem for me please I love him, thanks.

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