I take medication for Bipolar Disease

As I used to tell you guys I take medication for bipolar disorder, I like Rap music and eminem and rap god.

But there is a but here. We can only unite in one single way, us that have mental illnesses, we are special we need to take care of one another in this way we can unite and defeat this disease once and for all.

How do we defeat bipolar disease, doctors say it is a disease you have for life this means it is incurable.

They say this is incurable and you have to bear this your whole life, so how can we live with this disease?

It’s clearly for me that when you have a mental disorder or anxiety attacks or panic attacks you have a problem right?

Well yeah clearly yes, and this article will be for people with mental illnesses like me.

Most of us don’t want to take your medication but don’t realize the truth about medication.

Medication is the only one that gives us mental balance, it could give us mental flexibility and more coherence in what we do everyday.

Medication and the medical institute can make you feel like it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s not it’s just a pill you have to take to remain calm and steady and tackle on life’s waves.

If you don’t take your medication how the doctors say it’s bad, for you and for us.

I encourage all mental health people who have this problem not just bipolar even schizophrenia and more of them just to talk about it and even try to move on from the pain of life.

Most of us try to hide our feelings about this problem or don’t talk about it, I suggest you talk about it, my work as a job and as a workers has ended I am retired now and living a slow steady life with my family in Bucharest Romania, we like to take care of ourselves each and every day and try to love one another as much as we can, but medication has always been a problem in my family.

Not taking your medication can lead to serious brain injury and nerve damage, so please take care of your mental health, I mean it.