I like Reading Books For You

You know I have read a lot of books lately and I can’t help helping out the people who love me and help me out, I want to give them a hand just to know I am there for them, If you ask me what should you read I will politely say maybe science fiction or horror or just video game books.

I’m an avid reader I like to read all day and shut the world out, I like to sit in my own corner just reading a book and never caring about what people have to say about me, and when people give me a hand I always pay them back you got my book bro you got this.

I like giving and exchanging books because we share the same values and our culture needs more leaders and smart people.

We need more leaders like Eminem , Bill Gates, Jesus, Vladimir Putin, and all the good guys out there.

We need more leaders because in our society is so hard to make a living and to take the choice is even harder, we need more leaders because you deserve to be a leader you deserve to be number one you deserve the best and I am willing to help you, because Eminem helped me and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

If you dream about being a leader ask me out and I will give it to you I will be your friend, world leaders need to hear this, a friend in need is a friend in deed.

Help us out bro, we owe you this one.