I did a lot of bad stuff in my life

I am sorry if I offended you guys in any way I am so sorry with it, I offended my people my country and my nation I offended everybody with this, I feel calm now but in my mind there is a beast, a wild animal who needs help, a chick, a duck, a mouse, an owl, that need our help, please do this of all animals world wide, we need your help, save animal cruelty, please stop the animal slaughter house we don’t need more killing we need more healing, please stop animal cruelty in any way, please stop killing animals for money and for profit please start choosing to love animals instead of choosing to kill animals, animals are God’s precious creations which want to live too in a free nature and natural environment, I am the voice of the unspoken and I tell you this, please stop animal cruelty in any way, please stop destroying nature’s beautiful creations just to get paid, we need animals more than you know.

Thank You.