God is a Star

Ever found yourself in a situation where you kind of wonder who you are? Well this is me I think about who and what God is and in my opinion God is a Star like Pluto for example, he’s small but he’s worth it, for like the Sun, he’s big but he’s worth it. God is a Star God is a Planet, God is everything you ever wanted, God is love, god is patience, god is forgiveness, God is just sitting there waiting for you to love him.

God is immortal and for this I trust that my God is a Star, forever in our hearts, body, mind , and soul.

God is our Star, God is within us all, God is Space Bound. God is Pluto and the Sun, God is planets collide to form new galaxies, God is infinite, God is expanding each day even more and more, God is everything we ever wanted, God is a really big big planet which floats in the universe…

Gaming universes, Rap Universes, Bitcoin universes, Blogging universes, Love universes, and Patience universes….