Evolution Neo

We rock this party up in Romania my country I’m trying not to be obsessed with this but in my country which is Romania a very poor country with beautiful landscapes and all that stuff is really hard for me to express what do I want to say because its stolen from me, and that’s that, you know it I know it they know it, they steal that’s all they fucking do, they steal our salaries with taxes they steal our homes with banks and they steal our lives with television, they even steal our minds with the splinter.

I’m trying to say that even if you succeed at what you want to do you still have to be a good guy just like Keanu Reeves, he’s a great and merciful guy I know this, they just want to help.

I got nothing to do with the New World Order I just want the help the big people who run this world to have faith in God and succeed.

I can help you, even the greatest man alive needs some help or even my help and if you need me I will be there for you, even If I am playing in the Big League now I just want to do my part, I have to do my part, I have to be with them because they made me, the great world leaders made me, the big corporations made me, the big banks made me, the big pharma made me, the presidents made me, Trump, Putin made me, they all want to see me succeed, because they need me there, they need the agent to be there and I am there for them when they need me. I’m a good guy.

I will help anybody who wants my help no questions about me because when I feel all they did was just to encourage me in getting up they all prayed for me all the great leaders did this for me man and I am so grateful I’m just a kid in Romania all being alone right now.

Looking up to great people and wanting to be as big as they are, well it’s true :D.

I don’t wanna hurt nobody I’m not delivering pain I just do what I have to do, I just have to play my part play my role and that’s that, so if you need any help just ask me and I’ll be there for you friend, peace and have faith in God.

Agent Smith, Asethabalanar.