I am the Elite Tauren Chieftain

I got lucky I am luck I got a whole lot of luck with this shit I’m the luckiest man on the planet bro, I got a family I got a brother I got friends I got myself, I got all I need I got money I got all ok, IT’s time to make a change in your life this time is going to work 100% you gonna work for it, ok bro.

We lucky but the people are lucky not the money not the object is lucky money can’t be luck we as humans can be lucky by getting humans to work for us or even machines, you can’t be lucky if you have money you can only be lucky with people but not with money.

That being said I got lucky because I got my friends who got my back not by having a lot of money money does not make you lucky the people you surround yourself make you lucky enough to do it take the shot take the chance and just do it its for the best take the fucking chance and do it forever man fucking take the damn shot already.

You got once chance one opportunity to make things right don’t fucking fuck this up man this is your life speaking to you you got one chance to make a living out of nothing don’t fuck this up I said.

We got one chance to make everything right in our lives and its for our greatest good if you fuck up you will regret it for the rest of your life don’t miss this.

One chance, One shot, One life.

Go to it, get it , and fucking live it, this is your moment man, don’t miss it.