The regenerative systems

As you all know we have an immune system that actually works for us each day we have ADN we have brain heart lungs and feet, hands. What if we made such a thing that could actually be provided by nature an still work efficiently towards us like for example we could make medicine out of plants and we could make, regenerative pills like pills containing herbs and stuff like that the main object are plants so considering the fact that it is in our DNA to regenerate it is now mandatory that we use plant based pills to recover , we could use cannabis or not I don’t know for sure but we could also use naturist medicine for our causes, maybe eat more bananas or drink orange juice or just whatever drink something that is plant and fruit based each day just like a milk shake only its a fruit shake or something like that, just like tutti frutti was back in the day when I was a kid haha.

Regeneration comes initially from our minds and straight to our body to survive this crisis we have to make plant based decisions and take nature first to win this, we have to think about the plants more than we think about the animals this is what I’m actually trying to say, plants first animals later but now in this system and this world that is actually happening right now we unwillingly try to ignore nature because we think we are fancy but we’re not and we are slowly realising that disturbing and awful truth that nature is what got us here in the first place.

That’s all.