My natural system

I use nature to inspire me so when I feel sad or bad I think of nature that God takes care of me wherever I go, the dreams I had all took me here to nature back to nature return to nature return to innocence we all shall go back to our creators which is all nature we are natural we are animals we are mammals we are plants we are the eco system. Nature has provisions for us all even GOLD has it, we are crypto miners but we use nature to pray meditate and take into consideration the fact that nature has everything for us nature saves us all nature is our true GOD nature saves everybody and nature coordinates everybody to their rightful place even from childhood.

I pray to God and nature that you will like me and like what I post and like what I do because everything I do I do it for you my friends family and loved ones, I love nature very much the Trees inspire me the bees take care of me the flowers smell better when I am with you the nature and natural system is all I need, all I want to do is go in a far away land into a Tree House and start meditating we are all spiritual beings our spirit will never die we are immortal our spirit will never break our spirit will never fall we are the ones of the universe and the universe takes care of us all some of us find out sooner or later that no matter what you do I am coming back to you so you know nature I love you so much thank you God