God of League of Legends

Well its been fun, this time we should make it no problem, I thought about being the God of League of Legends and that’s that I’m young and should do fine without me, but its so nice and so cool to be back home that I cannot wait to actually get there, my brother’s dream was to be the God of League of Legends and I want to fulfil this dream of his this is why I am writing this article he is a 19 year old boy with big hopes and dreams I love him his dream was to be just like me I am the God of Bitcoin he is the God of League of Legends that’s life, we will be together as brothers but this time I will make it work for him he deserves it he has been a good boy and will be a good boy forever now.

His dream was to be the best at LoL and that’s why I’m saying that his dream is a big one he wants to be a player of League of Legends and wants to teach other kids how to play LoL, he has a friend which name I’m not going to tell here he’s Mario Like from super-mario bros and that’s that.

He loves computers just like me but he is still learning and I don’t want to break his heart but his road will be just fine for now.

I’m checking up at him every time and watching him closely as he grows up I’m just so proud of my brother each and every single day he’s getting bigger and bigger stronger and stronger, he deserves League of Legends and there he is, all grown up ready to be a man just like me.

The End.