Thank you League of Legends

Thank you guys for having me here in League of Legends I cannot say I enjoy it very much but I can say I still play it I’m not a big fan of LoL I endured too much back then but now I kind of miss that time back, I don’t know man I felt like I should do it but at the same time don’t, I don’t know it may be a good decision for now but I think on the long run it will be very hard to morph this into a reality anytime soon, but I’m not saying it’s impossible it is possible but it will be very hard this is the truth, you can make it but with a lot of effort, so I am wishing all you people good luck in the game of League of Legends and if you need my help I am here to serve you, so thank you very much.

Signed, a friend, Asethabalanar