My economical system

I think of money this way, its a cycle it comes and goes and goes around like nothing ever happened well its true money comes and goes and the best part about it is that it never stays in the same place twice, money flows like a rock thrown in a puddle it comes and goes and that is a really nice view to see.

Money flows up an down and side to side its just like having sex instead its having sex with money money having sex with money so they make money kids.

Not entirely false anyway, it can come up to this system I told you about about money making money and so on, but this time it’s something special, what about if money made more money only if you hold it? What about that? Like getting interest and getting paid for it, what about that?

I don’t have a lot of money but who cares I’m studying I’m a student what the heck, so its true money makes money and money makes money has no sense right ROFL WAFFLE

Its kind of cute when you say this because me teaching about money just gets me back to fiat money and after that to cryptocurrency these two are the only two ones that are real money right now.

So there is nothing much I can say about money just that it kind of reproduces when you have it and that is all.