I want to quit smoking but I can’t

I hate myself for smoking, I smoke cigarettes and it sucks I got a bad mouth smell I cough very frequently and I can’t breathe sometimes, smoking for me is a hell and I can’t stop this I don’t know how I’ve been smoking since I was 17 and now I’m 28 its been 11 years of smoking for me and I got to tell you guys that I hate it and its getting worse each day, I can’t talk about the stuff smoking does to your lungs its painful and disgusting but I can tell you how it feels like to be a smoker, you cough all day, have bad breath, dirty teeth and so on, if I manage to quit smoking I cannot believe it but it would be great, I know I’m just talking about it because I have no will power but hey that’s life you got to talk about something it ain’t?

So smoking is bad for me even that I like it nor not but It’s frustrating to me that I can’t quit it, how can I it’s horrible I feel like I’m trapped somewhere I don’t belong what the hell.

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