Great Leaders are Made not Born

Somebody told me that I should face up to the task, well I did eventually sooner or later he/she chose me, well its great, great leaders are made not born, nobody is born a leader that is a lie, great leaders work hard, study and make profit each day, money talks so we need the cash as soon as possible, make money quit your job and do it, we need more leaders like you, so great leaders are made not born, we do this stuff because we need to we have to and we should do it, no matter if you are black skinny thin or just obese these leaders make a good time out of everything and leaders should know that whenever the truth hits you you should always be prepared for it, in my experience of being a leader of my personal people I could say one thing, face up to the task be a man, think like a man and act like a woman, should do the trick, well, this is kind of all.

For women leaders you should know that girls can lead too, they are rare but you can find them its harder but still possible.

For men leaders its easy you are a man be a man just being yourself can solve the problem.

For women leaders is harder because men disrespect you and after all this is a man’s world anyway.

Women are easier to manipulate so if you are a girl and get emotionally manipulated by men then its off.

Well I hope this helps, thank you for reading this and have a nice day.