Teach me Teach you

I always was a foolish student all my life from my school years until now, I’m like what the heck I always listened to my teachers even if they were boring so I kind of got this appreciation for books and culture not so many of them got it so whenever somebody tells me that it can’t be done I start to think about this and try to find new methods of learning how it can be done instead of just saying can’t all the time.

I thought about this when I was in the hospital with bipolar disease, why the heck they told me I can’t and I really can’t figure out why the told me this should be done but I started learning that it can be done with a little effort I’m saying it.

They told me I could not do it so I tried and failed like a hundred times until I got it right again RoFl waffle.

They told me I could not do it but instead I focused on the possibilities that how I can do it instead of just blocking myself on the wall like that.

They could not do it so they told me to do it for them , that’s a reasonable amount of guilt well yeah it’s done.

I could not do it in 2016 but I can do it in 2020 well that’s peachy enough don’t you think?

I guess soo so when somebody tells you you can’t do something my only advice is to prove them wrong and do that thing, this is the way I think about this. That can’t is actually an opportunity given to you so you can rise from the bullshit, and I thank anybody who told me I can’t do something because that’s what made me do it in the end. Thanks folks

That’s all.