I am losing my religion

I am losing my religion because priests left me for dead they wanna see me killed, they don’t believe no pharaoh’s way they just praise the lord that’s all they know they don’t want or need no pharaoh, I am the pharaoh in my own world I am the leader and the supreme ruler of the pharaoh’s way and everlasting love of humanity, they come they go just like that in and out, come by press by see by and feel me by.

You know it’s true pharaoh’s way is real come on guys come on, look, watch, feel me you know you can do it be gentle come on. You know you feel me on this one the power of gypsies is strong and fine.

We can do it we can make it, we the pharaoh’s now.

Pharaoh way is awesome come join me and my team in the quest for living and saving lives .

You know you want it.. !-!