Hitler Genesis

Man World War 2 sucked, I mean damn, that was a bad influence on us and it’s real Hitler was a bad guy dude, and because of that we all sucked it in, Jesus Christ I cannot even imagine that massacre anymore, Wars suck but we need them to survive for long enough, we need wars to survive for our freedom and liberties we need war to make it happen we need for to get the leaders out of the bucket, we need war to get things going you dig?

We need them wars just like we need them leaders, I know people will die but what is life if you ain’t living it, what is life when you have no idea of what’s actually going on huh? Tell me that, what is you if you don’t think you are you you think you are somebody else, that’s stupid man.

We need wars just like we need leaders to be born again, nature just cleanses us and that is war’s purpose, wars cleanse humanity, I know I will die someday but I’m just trying to do my job while I am still alive you know, this is my job, writing is my job…

I hoped you liked my Hitler review and want to see you soon friends, peace and cheers for all.

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