God Praise Bitcoin

Well I got into crypto kind of late just discovered it in 2018 but in 2020 I joined the ride it was kind of awesome, bitcoin saved me from poverty and it works, incredibly how it works ain’t it, we need crypto and digital currency for what we need to say about it, we need bitcoin to survive money makes it happen, let me tell you about the financial markets, we got this so financial institutions only want profit ok I get it when is it low and when is it high, can you predict the market, can you know before what is about to happen next?

Well if you can this means you have joined the ride and the bitcoin race.

Bitcoin just came up in 2009 so it is kind of early to pronounce myself but its time to get to work.

Bitcoin started in 2009 because they felt the need to solve human poverty and they did eventually but the masses are skeptics about crypto currency because they want free money? Money in the essence is not free but you can make it with a lot low costs and budgets, you can make bitcoin with any PC with any mobile phone you just have to start it, I’m making this article about bitcoin not to be the god of digital currency but to help them out a bit to grow you know what I’m saying they need to grow also so maybe I’m not the God of FIAT money I mean real money but I am the God of Bitcoin and bitcoin was the first one so I guess I’ll just have to thank it and thank God for giving me this opportunity to raise people out of poverty without influencing them in any way.

I don’t need to give you money for you to have money you can make the money all by yourself with CryptoTab like I do every day.

I could tell you a lot about Nicehash but them boys figured out all by themselves what they needed to do so this kind of just slips through my fingers but anyway let’s talk about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is essentially the first cryptocurrency there ever was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 bitcoin is his creation and he is its creator. So Satoshi Nakamoto made bitcoin but we have to praise his work in doing so he thought about us all just they wanted us to not be poor anymore this is the way I see bitcoin.

If you are struggling financially I recommend buying-selling-mining bitcoin in your free time, this does not me that you have to quit your job this just means you have a second job to work on.

If you understand my concept over bitcoin than I am glad I could help you out, cheers and see ya another day!