Enter the –][System][–

Yeah its the system that is calling me I feel like I’m drowning in emotions for real this time it’s obvious I ain’t gonna stay well it’s been fun, for all of us this time we gon make it I hope so, in the end we’re all we got so stay will ya?

I made the system because I needed protection for myself and for others you know what I’m saying and its real and its on we gon make it guys and girls we gon make it.

Get you girlfriend from the jaws of the beast and get your groove on move on and smile on we gon make it.

We gon make it thats what they said and I trust it even tho I’m mad about it son, you will get it eventually, we gon make it.

Thanks for watching and learning I appreciate your help.

Honestly, Asethabalanar in the house.