Black Power

Black people have this great power and influence and they kind of take profit from it, we know it you know it they gon rule the world, black power forever we lav u guys, black are the next big thing now, not because of huge dicks but they smart too they got options anyway let’s rock it.

Black people have this really big initiative thing they know when to stop and when to go home, they know how it should be done they know where to go they can feel it, smoking weed in the park is cool but have you ever seen a black dude jealous? I haven’t lol and that’s why I admire them, I’m white but blacks rule fucking Jesus this time.

Hi there you can come to my place and have a blast they kinda meet up and run away but it’s cool man it’s cool we ok on this one.

Black power forever ya dig?

Published by Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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