The future is near

Thinking about the future I get all frisky inside like a cold chill embraces me sometimes, oh well it’s going on now, what the actual hell is going on with the world, what’s wrong with you? Sometimes I write because this is the only way to express what I think and eventually let go of pain and sorrow from past experiences, it’s wired as hell but I got to get rid of all of that as soon as possible because its hurting me, even tho I’m not that bad type of guy I can understand why you don’t like me because you don’t like the real truth spilled right into your face and that’s ok I’m not here to please you I am here to please myself from time to time.

Now I understand Eminem’s Rap God because he taught just like I did that you do not have to please everybody you can just be yourself and still be liked and appreciated for it. Eminem has taught me a valuable lesson which is to be yourself at all time and don’t give a shit what anybody says of you because you are the only one that matters in this world you only got yourself.