We going Wild for The Nigh Fuck Being Polite

We going wild for the night fuck being polite we rock on until the end of time this ain’t going to ever stop we rolling marijuana every day going on, I’m just kidding we don’t smoke weed we just puff up cigarettes I ain’t ever had a weed buddy fuck I’m lying I smoked that thing in high school but now I’m a grown ass man sorry for that brother we going to kill ourselves if we smoke anymore of that I swear to God it’s going to kill us nah just kidding I’m a forgiver I forgive you friend just please try again and let’s be patient about it I ain’t mad at you, you’re my friend and we are people of the earth all together now all over the earth we going wild for the nigh fuck being polite it’s going around the world , around the world, all together now like a big happy family, around the world, around the world, we love it I am the good boy Asmongold and we rock on until the end of time this is never going to stop we are DotA players all around the globe I got the PC checked and going on ITS on we rock it we smoke it we puff it go go go plant the bomb, bomb has been planted we write cuz we crazy mofos at least I am crazy so are you. HA HA HA

Please be good and patient about it we going insane over here people howling all over the place we got some speed going on and we rush that shit every damn time, we going full speed ahead let’s go people of the earth to the moon and back!