The Matrix is All Around Us

The matrix was made to keep us under control that is clear but what if you could escape the matrix what would it be what would you chose the blue or red pill, my choice is obvious I’m going to chose the red pill this time but my choice was made long ago when I saw the matrix on TV when I was a kid obviously I want to wake up from this I don’t want to sleep here, my vision is that we all are going to wake up sooner or later, my matrix was designed the way it did because I want all my people to wake up from the dream and if you feel like you feel a little discomfort in your heart it is because you chose the red pill and you will wake up some day, I am doing this for the people not just for me because I promised myself I will never hurt anybody I am making now this promise to be a good a loving super caring guy helping all the people in the world find their purpose I want them all to wake up because we already have a lot of hardships and I want this time to promise you that you can’t go wrong with this one it’s going to roll on forever going backwards in time we started this and we going to finish it before sun rise avenue.

We all are here to help each other out so please lets stop this madness war that is going on please. I want to live in a world where I can take my kids to school without the fear of them getting kidnapped.

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