Starcraft 2

I want to talk about starcraft 2 in this article and just express my opinion about it, for me Stacraft Brood War was the beginning of strategy based games after Age of Empires and all of that, after this came starcraft , warcraft and eventually starcraft 2. The main opinion I have about starcraft 2 is that its easy to play simple and quite cute if you ask me, people play starcraft 2 for fun like I do but most of them kind of imitate what I say and its kind of disturbing to me to see that so many people who are playing video games actually think of me and about me and think like me when playing, this gaming mentality I have I dream about changing the gaming industry right now, they don’t need to change they just need to improve, I’m talking about this because the gaming industry is perfectly fine right now but in the future can be worse, horror games are not a thing any more they are just for shady-like people with sadistic mentalities which I don’t usually come across by but strategy games MMO-RPG’s MOBA’s League of Legends Dota 2 Dota Allstars are quite good for me, eventually I ended up with Blizzard because I have to be honest with you , its America and its nice truly beautifully nice, they’re not all killers but most of them don’t mind killing people, I’m not saying the point here, I don’t like hurting people and I think about people don’t like hurting me either, but recently I came across so many haters who hated on me for no apparent reason and that bugs me out, I got banned on Tinder after paying them for a boost and Tinder Plus because they decided I’m a bad influence, I got banned on facebook for 30 days 3 or 4 times in a row because my language didn’t met they’re community standards and they went crazy, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are the only ones keeping me talking if there wasn’t for them I would have gone mad by now, thank you people for all your inspiration and good thoughts may God reward you in unknown ways.

Good bye.