My own Matrix

My own Matrix consists of two major principles that you cannot escape from the first one is truth, my own matrix is based on truth and honesty and the second one is based on kindness, so firstly you have to be good and secondly you have to be kind and thirdly you have to say the truth even if it fucking hurts somebody, a beautiful truth is better than a sleezy lie don’t you think so? I think so, so if you wanna hang out with me and chat I will be available anytime you got me on my phone number its +40770501307 from Romania we can chat anytime whatever you want to whatever you need to just don’t call me up with an Unknown number I don’t answer that shit so sorry if I canceled your plans go straight forwards with you truth and your life be number one be the first one be a leader of the pack not a moron cya there guys kisses and sleep tight with sweet dreams and marvelous landscapes that you see every night on the sky’s temple

We love you so much we will give you a small tip, whenever you feel bad about being bullied think about this: all the best people in the world get bullied and guess what, they don’t die they become better, thanks guys I will love you until the end of time think of peace.