I got this name from a guild from World of Warcraft from a private server back in the day when I was on evolva the guild with this name I don’t know if it is still available but its on, this guild name I got is not made by me but I attribute it to myself because I was a part of it so its mine now ha ha ha, well yeah we love it we love video games and we surely love Blizzard Entertainment for making all of this possible today, thank you Blizzard for the fun times and thank you for this beautiful game which is World of Warcraft that you made for us on this day, I read a lot about World of Warcraft these days a lot of books and stuff like that and it makes me anxious to think about this because World of Warcraft for me personally was not just a game it was my entire World and for that I am so grateful I made a promise to never disrespect anybody and respect everybody’s opinion on how they should live their lives but my life is my own doing, I’m sorry to say that most people maybe do not see my reality as I do but in the end we all become just memories, If I would die for something it would be video games.

The End, Love Story.

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