In Loving Memory of Tupac Amaru Shakur

We miss you Tupac forever I wish you were still here with us I dream of you every night I know I’m just a kid but you did so much good to our people we forgive you Tupac and we miss you man please rest in peace and please do not forget us Tupac we love you so much man you were such a good beautiful boy and man you died so young I feel so bad now I hope you are in a better place now Tupac we love you so much man we forgive all your deeds please come back to us one day and when you come back belive that you will be protected by me and my family forever Tupac we are your people now always and forever you are my best friend forever, the most beautiful black man there was on this earth, sorry Tupac I wish I was there to save you bro I felt so much pain for you man we coming back for you we saving your soul , please pray for Tupac we going to miss him so much.