I want to be like Eminem

Since I was a kid I had this crazy idea that I have to be the best and have to fulfil my dreams well that day really come up right now I have this opportunity to show off to people and make them understand that the Real Slim Shady is one kind and loving and caring guy and his art form is one of a kind, he is one of my favorite rappers of all time he is one of the best since I was a kid I was dreaming about him and that day has come to take on the world and be like him.

I loved the way Eminem rapped and this is not a new things I watched him play for hours and it still made me very happy he is one of the best guys I know out there and still is my role model, he is my motivation and inspiration in life he is like my father the coolest guy I know, if I would have met Slim Shady I would tell him what a great guy he is and how much I love him for life, I ain’t never going to give up on him and neither will he, thank you people I love you so much.