I am bipolar

I have this mental disease I am bipolar since I was 17 or 18 I started hearing noises outside my head and it was like wooah, I started hearing people calling me by name and stuff like that all these voices echoing in my head and stuff like that its wired and creepy anyway, and I took pills and medication for a while and after that I got back to my computer and started writing about it, it sucks it really does, well life ain’t fair anymore is it? It’s not for a normal guy life maybe fair but for me life ain’t really that much fair now days … my dads creeping up on me with medicine every single fucking day and its disgusting trust me on this one. Now I tell you that I am bipolar so you know when it comes the time to meet me you will be prepared and not treat me like a mentally disabled person because I’m not, I’m just like you and always was like this man, we going to do it every fucking single time man we gonna make it trust me on this one we the rulers of them all lolz, mentally disabled people have this great patience and understanding and feel things way more deeper than anybody else does, we are like dude, what the fuck? they going to get it sooner or later will they? or maybe not? who the fuck knows? man its obvious we creeping on them ain’t it lol. Mentally disabled people don’t judge normal people for being normal I was normal once too but now with this disease going on we ain’t what we should be or what we suppose to be, I should have been healthy man I really should but life ain’t what you want it is what you need it to be.