I am an Agent of the Matrix

I saw The Matrix OK? I know what this is all about they ruling the world now the police the cops the governments the people watch TV every fucking time they see a show and think about what the hell is this shit going wild against us, WATCH TV eat some popcorn and chill your ass on the couch all there is to it we on TV as well we are the governments we are police we are the cops we are the firefighters we are the army we are the law, we are the rules, we are the universe, we keep on rolling anywhere bruh this is insane we everybody I can be anybody I want I am the Game I am the show, I am the TV, I am the Radio, I am the cable channel I am the sound waves I am everything, fuck that fuck this fuck everybody crying about this, This is Agent Smith fuckers…

I am Agent Smith…

And I am the good guy.

I am The Television cable channel and the smartphone at the same time, I have a smartphone in my back pocket and I also have a Iphone cheers.

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