Eminem is the biggest of them All

I saw Rap God dude it is fucking amazing I swear to god that shit is insane cute, every tiny little bit of matter counts so don’t fuck it up this time people we goin wild tonight let the party move on be happy and fuck the bitches fuck them all lolz, we gonna rip them apart I swear to God Eminem is my best friend I love him, we going to juice them up a bit tonight but we don’t care we still rocking the party up fuck em up style man we gonna do it fuck this shit over soon we gonna go wild on them tonight fucking cutie pie.

Cream pie whatever stop watching porn its disturbing to my eyes we want action real casual sex happening tonight here we come again we losers bro forever losing our shits we crapper scrapper rappers going on tonight evening we going to call the police up in this joint to come and take you home to prison rofl waffle cutie pants yey.