Eminem is Next Level D00d3

Holy shit I just watched Rap God few years ago it’s going wildly insane in my head I have demons and angels and they going to fight each other and they going to make an egg its called Murky’s Egg. It’s a respawn point we gonna lose it bro we gon lose it man, fuck it. I got murky’s egg all over this joint we gon win bruh we gon win boyz, we gon joint up in this place and win gayz, we gon win the Jerusalema Pact we gon make ourselves a new religion point for us all, We gon bomb that place after all, we gon blow it up like the forth of July, Holy Craparony stuff going on in here mate its wierd its wired everything is wired here holy noobs, we gon win boyz we gon win just watch this:

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