Eminem is my Role Model

For the Real Slim Shady I got to say only this, you got this bro never give up Eminem is for real we love you Marshal you will never be forgotten friend I love him so much he is so beautiful he is really a great guy and inspiration to me I wish I could save him from himself he is like my father, the real slim shady is like my dad I love him very much and respect him forever he got the buzz Eminem forever bro he wiping that ass man. WoW It’s cool lets play some World of Warcraft will ya we need that money bro go hustle with it come on.

The Weeknd is such a great guy anyway I love his face he nicest dude alive man so good boy, we all love it when you make so have the guts to be true to you and never give up on your own dreams just go for it take the chance take the risk it’s going to be a hell of a ride for y’all we know this they know this we invent people and make money we invent stuff, just create something new bro you got this I swear to Got you will make it in the end please be patient with me because I am a bad boy dawg for my brothers and sisters out there we love you all have peace and quiet will ya?