The world we live in

The world we live in is defined by two major league choices, do or die, this is the primevil one we can do or we can die theres nothing in between if we choose to do then we don’t die if we chose to die then we don’t do some of us might think this is pathetic but I tend to disagree nobody left this planet without leaving a trace and if you hate just hate hard hate harder hate until you die this is the only solution just hate until you explode.

Because of this I write for all the haters out there who judge me or what I’m doing on wordpress or youtube or in any other place, hate until you die man just hate harder hate until you freak out this is my only option, if you gonna do it kill yourself and let it be finished about it no regret no one will miss you trust me on this one we won’t even regret your stay hate until you die man this is your fate.

As soon as I finish my sentence about all the haters in the world I feel the need to tell you that I am also a shy and good guy but if you cross me you ain’t never coming back to me you go dead, sorry for that but this is the truth either you hate until you break up in half either you don’t hate at all just break your own heart man you fucking deserve it.