The Big Boy

I wish I was a big man for the first time I started on this project of mine with the blogging and the WordPress website I had this crazy idea that is going to work, if I write about it then it must be real, ok so, this time when I try to face my fears I get all cranky about and nervous and they don’t seem to like it when I talk about politics they freak out a bit, I know it is scary but you know what is even worse? The regret of not loving enough your kids and family the regret of disrespecting your wife, the regret of domestic violence, the regret of hurting people for no reason because you are a jackass and a loser, huh? You feel it now its the regret of being the biggest moron there ever was on this planet and maybe the regret of not being good enough to raise at the standard of others. Even if you are a creepy sleezy good for nothing jackass you can still do good if you change and if you are the biggest asshole on this world you can still change, if you don’t change you still get hit by it you can’t escape karma, what goes around comes around and if you are a bad guy who hurts people then somebody has to hurt you too because you are stupid.

People make mistakes for two reasons, one they are not good enough and the second one is because they lie, if you are a liar and feel this let me tell you that you are infected with a disease that probably is going to end you life but if you survive this time of trauma maybe you will make it or even worse if you die, its going to end up bad for me and bad for you also, if you don’t have patience you will suck and lose this for you whole entire life, this ain’t ever going to end, I’m never going to stop so if you feel me then think twice.