Smoking Weed with Women

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I realize that most women are fucked up for this reason because they smoke weed and we know about it, you stupid girls you, don’t realize that we actually know what you do, you have an effect on all of us you are crazy and you deserve to go crazy for this thing, you deserve to be crazy for smoking weed you deserve to go to the mental institutions and the mental hospitals you deserve to be treated like nothing and here I’m actually talking about the women who smoke weed they deserve to be crazy not for me but in general to freak out a bit to show them it is not normal to smoke that thing, its crazy I know but its the truth, most women I met in this lifetimes smoked weed at least once in their lifetime, most of them not all if all smoked weed then we would become a garbage country which we already are sadly said. Most women who smoke weed have mental issues that I really would like to discuss here they don’t care if they evolve or not they just want to fuck that’s fine by me but if you fuck too much you will become a prostitute and nobody likes prostitutes if I may. I wouldn’t love a prostitute would you? I think neither do you and that shit going insane right now, they freak out because weed is the devil and they know it they go through storm after storm after storm not knowing when to stop and call it quits, I know this because I see this everyday on the internet they freak out real bad and have epileptic seizures you can see that on television right now, you can watch Television but don’t take it personally you still have to do the job well done I mean watch TV but not all day long, a few hours will serve you well, and if you watch TV be careful because it may say too that you are unworthy of my love forever like.

So people in general talking about weed and smoking weed would never know this or never find out if they don’t want to but this thing is real and it exists in reality and I feel like its my job to expose it, from my experience I tell you and weed smokers have satan in them and I’m not kidding they evil as heck, try it out and you will see for yourself.