On my way to quit smoking

This is a painful post I know but it has be done I can’t continue much like this I said I want to become clean I need to wash over my mistakes and make it right again I need to return to innocence, I have to quit smoking have to quit pills (medicine) and have to quit masturbation if I get rid of all of these I’m finally fresh but until then I’m going to be a sinner and it feels like heccu coming up again, this is horrible I know quitting masturbation what the fuck is this shit I know right but its true I can’t stop that with anything I try, you can’t stop this I’m on my way up sorry guys I need to go. For finally and finality I’m going to say that reality is managed by our own thoughts and what is real anyway am I real, are you real? Are we all real anyway? Are we all real? I don’t know and I can’t say this to you anyway, I don’t think we are real anyway I’m just selling my thoughts on this one like selling an idea you know it?

Most people never go through the shit I went through and that is fine but when you start to realize the magnitude and the impact you still have at society even though although you are asleep and can’t wake up is unreal to me. This shit is going crazy and out of hand real real fast anyway, the main reason I write here on my purpose is to benefit the most unexactly and the most unexpectedly hatred I have for bad people I feel the need to cleanse them all like a purge just like Arthas did to stratholme back in the day lol they think I’m the bad guy now idiots 😀

I’m the good guy man I say this and I said this a million times before I’m the good guy and if you feel like a complete jackass and crazy stupid motherfucker go on and kill yourself if you want to I ain’t stopping your asses.