My religion

My religion is freedom I say this and I will say it again, be free, do what you want, fuck who you want but suffer the consequences of your actions, as long as you know it I know it, if you fuck up or fail its not may fault you are the master of your destiny and as long as you still fuck up time after time this means there is something wrong with you and not me. You still fuck up after all this times this means you have to take a break and chill out for a bit and maybe think about your purpose in life if it does not work then I’m sorry for you bro you deserve the best there is. If I can’t be the best then I’m going to try to be the worst you feel me? I am here with a purpose on this earth and I’m not going to let a douchebag with two cents in his pocket spoil this out for me no way, if you ain’t going to do it I’m going to do it in your place, get real, get hyped, get ready for the holocaust the second world war was horrible they killed every single one of them and they died too, fuck logic what is this? who is this? nobody cares go home or get drunk at a party and vomit your stomach out or shit your pants you will see it lolz..

Sorry guys cheers and have a good motherfucking day!