I’m on my way to success

Hey dudes and women, I call this upon thy because I think I am going insane this time I forgot what I was here to suppose to do, I cry at night thinking I’m not good enough for y’all no girlfriend and no friends especially when I’m talking to strangers, all I know is my family and that’s all for the love of God can somebody tell me what to do? I can’t wait y’all I need the money as soon as possible and if I can’t make money out of it I’mma quit this job, I need the cash I need the doe. Ha its kind of funny when you think about success=money but ya its true, Success is the man’s ability to overcome adversity and yes it can be done with a lot of effort you put into it, I’mma be successful no matter what I do I’m always going to win eventually in the end, I’m going deep underground on this one, The Fall of the Lich King yes sir yes sir, going to succeed no matter what the world tells me to do, this time its going to be perfect and I’mma prove it to you guys.