Heroes of the Storm

I decided to post this for a reason this is me playing Heroes of the Storm on youtube, I think its nice to think about the game so much and have a really good time and enjoying your play so much I really have fun on youtube no disrespect but I kind of feel like youtube is my place you know? I found this too late unfortunately I found my place too late but I am happy I did in the end the clues were everywhere even on facebook even on youtube and now here. My play of Heroes of the Storm is an awesome one I feel the need to tell you that playing hots so much got me really excited about it and I want to say its a great game they really made it worth it, I want to talk about World of Warcraft too but maybe in a later post, this time its Heroes of the Storm time to shine and we can’t stop but feel the fact that its lovely its fun and its entertaining so thank you so much Blizzard Entertainment with Activision for making for us such amazing and marvelous games to play we appreciate the envergure of your decisions and we want to admit the fact that you really are the best at making video games for all of us player in the name of all Heroes of the Storm players I want to thank Blizzard Entertainment for sharing this game with us, we kindly support you blizzard I did this for so many years now and I think this is the time to say thank you to them.

Thank You Blizzard Entertainment for your video games.