The Dream is Real

What I have forgotten over the past few years is that whenever I come up to a new plan I get all messed up and I fail but I don’t fail small I fail huge like wtf is this taking me but what the hell, the idiot is still in the matrix you say, that’s kind of funny because its actually really really true, we’re all in this place nobody knows the truth until they find it, you have to find what’s your purpose you have to find yourself only by years and years of meditation I have come up to this my plan is to screw anything, rofl. Like its true? Well its not, you tell me I cannot lie but If I invent the lie it means I’m lying?

Who’s lying anyway, nobody is we all speak what we think its true not the actual truth because we don’t know what is the truth if we actually knew what the truth was then I’m like what the hell?

The lie is not the problem the real problem is finding what you love to do, find your real love and let it bring you back to innocence.