I will live again

As long as I am still standing I will fight for my freedom and my problems, as long as I don’t come up with a fucked up plan to spoil this up, I can get what I need with pretty much ease, it’s hard and the hardships never end, but as soon as I get my work done, my work will be complete, some people never think about this but when I go home from work I feel like shit.

For me working is something very irelephant sometimes when I come from work I feel like the whole world is crashing before me and it really sucks, but when I stay home for too much things start getting easy and easy, take it easy brother we won’t hurt you, I get this every time I spoil my dinner it just comes to me naturally, the writing stuff, it never goes away anything I do I guess I’m a pretty good writer huh, and I also know english too , how you like that?